Start of School Provides Social Networking Tips

Yesterday marked the return to school in my children’s school district.  We live in the borough and most days try to walk.  This is the seventh year of walking the same route each morning at the same time.

Along the way I have a chance to talk, listen, and observe.  A smile and wave to neighbors I know, as well as to those I don’t.  Occassionally, the morning greeting becomes a short conversation.

At the school, I see and greet many other parents who walk their children in or park and drop them off.  Most times the greeting is brief, but if it is someone I know and haven’t seen we’ll chat for a few minutes and catch up.

A good-bye and have a great day to the kids, and I retrace my steps and actions.

Not only do I get a thirty minute walk in, but I interact with a dozen or so people on a daily basis.

So here are my tips on social networking derived from my daily walk to school:

  • Be a regular and consistent participant
  • Create messages and reply to them (or questions, comments, posts, etc)
  • Observe what others are saying, reading, and doing
  • Reach out to people – friends of friends, those whose comments you like or find interesting, or whose questions you’ve answered or had answer your questions
  • Catch-up with people – send short, simple notes to people in your contact/friend lists to say hi – before you need them to help you
  • Be cheerful, positive, upbeat, and helpful

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