What do you do?

It is not an overly complicated question, and it is one you should be able to answer – “what do you do?”

After nearly ten years in association management, having been the program, membership, and communications manager prior to serving as the account executive/associate executive director, I found myself laid off in the midst of a down economy and wondering what now?

The easiest thing to do was to send out resumes, network, and hang-out a consultant shingle.  I’d seen it done a million times.  People tend to turn to their associations and networks in these times, and I’d tried to help people get their next job countless times.

Given the economy, I decided it was more important to figure out how I could build a business on my own without having to rely on an employer.

The questions then became what do I love to do and how can I monetize it?

I’m online a ridiculous amount of the time and love to try new products, services, and read how others are using them.  Many small businesses and non-profits struggle in this space.  I’m also finding that many business professionals feel a need to be engaged in social media, but don’t know how.  Conversely, I can see where entry-level professionals will need training in the area of what is and isn’t appropriate online activity when employed.

I’ve spent considerable time developing small business solutions and a coaching program for business professionals.  The latter is in ‘beta’ mode right now and an accompanying workbook is being edited.  The plan is to publish by year-end.

An opportunity arose to help an individual who has aspirations to eventually drive in IndyCar.  The initial offer was to do some local pr and media relations, help gain some awareness in order to attract some sponsors.  It turned into a management offer, predicated on selling sponsorship.

The skill sets are very similar to those employed in non-profit management.  The job is to help drive business development by connecting the right people with one another.

In addition to loving the work, the environment, open-wheel racing, is a sport that I’ve been an avid fan of for as long as I can remember.  I guess that is what happens when you grow up in the same town as Mario Andretti.

So what do I do?  I specialize in B2B collaboration related to sponsorship and fundraising, I provide management services, and I develop interactive products and services under the name Nunamaker Interactive.

Use the links on the right sidebar to learn more, or contact me by email nunamaker.ross@att.net or by phone 484.809.4872.


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