Newspapers & Blogs

Had a great opportunity yesterday to participate in a panel discussion at Lehigh University to a journalism class on blogging and its role/relationship with print media.

Bill White, adjunct professor and columnist for the Allentown Morning Call, moderated the panel.  I represented placeblogging, Bernie O’Hare spoke from the perspective of a local political blog, and Michael Duck, another Morning Call reporter, explained how blogs are being used by newspaper publishers.

For an early morning class, the students asked good questions and followed the discussions intently.  Questions ranged from our approach to blogging, deciding what to post, liability, our role in conducting investigative journalism, and what if any satisfaction we derive from the exercise.

We discussed how journalists and reporters work with bloggers, especially in light of reduced staffs and an inability to cover all municipal gov’t activities.

And what conversation including digital media wouldn’t at some point mention the future of newspapers?  We didn’t hit that one too hard, but we did note how the role of the reporter is evolving.  The reporter now has an opportunity to expand on print stories and supplement them with audio, video, and pictures online.  They also have a community of readers that will interact with them through comments and email.  In short, the newspaper reporter must  learn digital media skills.

It was great to speak on the topic with others and I look forward to doing it again in the future.


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