The Nazareth Center for the Arts

This week I began helping out the new Nazareth Center for the Arts.  I created a micro site within my Nazareth Market Place, set up a blog on WordPress to feed to their news page, set up a Twitter account, created a Google account and fed the calendar into the site, and once everyone is comfortable with what we have in place we’ll add Facebook.

The organization has spent the last year fundraising and renovating a former Firehouse turned Borough Office Building into a visual and performing arts center.  Now they need some organization, planning, and management help.

Our grand opening is December 18 – 20 and I’ve begun reaching out to artists, photographers and musicians to create a schedule for 2010.

Should be a good group to help out and I’m looking forward to seeing some of the performances and exhibits myself!


2 responses to “The Nazareth Center for the Arts

  1. If they want anyone to lead open mic poetry readings for teens (and/or adults), maybe once or twice a month, I have lots of experience and would enjoy contributing in that way. Thanks for posting about this addition to Nazareth culture!