Facebook Redesign – News Feed and Friend Lists

Facebook this past week rolled out a redesign to ‘simplify’ its homepage and left many users, myself included, not so happy.  As a result, instead of using Facebook, much of this past week, when I wasn’t shoveling snow, I was trying to figure out how to use Facebook.

In the help center was a link to “A Guide to the New Facebook Home Page“.


To begin, the help center has indicated that a bug was fixed that should resolve many newsfeed errors.

Regarding the new design, when you select the “Facebook” logo in the top left corner you are brought to the Newsfeed.  You are given two options, Top News (selected updates as identified by Facebook) and Most Recent (all of your friends updates).  One will be bolded, the other a blue hot link.  The bolded title is what you are seeing.

Friends Lists

Lists are an excellent way to manage a volume of friends on Facebook.   Since I use Facebook for personal as well as business, I divided up my contacts into lists.  This allows me to review based on my time restraints at the moment.

Under the old set-up, these were easily identified on the left sidebar, but under the new set-up, one must hit friends and more to view all of your lists.

Previously, when I added a new friend, I could view a list of recently added friends from the top nav bar and add these new people to established lists.  This functionality was removed and now the top bar only shows friends requests and the left sidebar “friends” reveals a list of friends by latest updates, but not what list they belong to or an option to add them to a list.

To see recently added or to edit which lists friends belong to, one must now select Account (far top right), Edit Friends, and then on the left sidebar are the old options of recently added, recently updated, etc.


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