Change and Opportunity

Last week I took a position with Brown Daub Chevrolet in Nazareth as their Internet Sales Manager (ISM). The position is designed to manage online leads, which are fed into a CRM (customer relationship management), and to then follow-up with new leads to make appointments.

What intrigued me about the position, was the opportunity to work on the for-profit side of the fence after ten years in non-profit management, coupled with fact that I’d be able to demonstrate in a business setting how to grow an online presence.

As I reviewed and assessed the current situation, I learned the CRM was recently installed and only being used by the ISM. Sales was using a different system to log walk-ins, appointments, and sales. I also had some concerns with the web site navigation and social media.

After many conversations with the General Manager, we decided to focus on the CRM, get it working as well as possible, begin training the sales staff on using it, and then tackle the web site, and after all that get back to working on expanding the online presence through social media.

So once again, I’m managing the implementation of a new database (the sixth time for the fourth organization I’ve worked for), training employees on its use, and engaged in a significant web site renovation project (fifth time for the third organization).

Maybe change isn’t so different after all.


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