Facebook “Whose Face is This?”

Yesterday I got a friend request from a college fraternity brother, I clicked on the link, hit add, sent him a message and returned to my wall. I saw a photo of interest from another friend, clicked on it, and at the top right I saw an advertisement box that said, “Whose face is this?” and below it a picture of my eight year old daughter.

This freaked me out. My wife and I limit who can view our photos and this looked like a game or advertisement.

A quick search revealed that Facebook is conducting a limited test of a facial recognition tool. The Facebook blog puts its spin on the new tool in this post.

Fundamentally, Facebook considers three actions regarding photos – uploading, browsing, and tagging photos. This tool is designed to make tagging photos easier. In the post Facebook notes, “You now can add tags with just a couple of clicks directly from your home page and other sections of the site, using the same face detection technology that cameras have used for years.”

I haven’t experienced a problem tagging people in photos, click on their face, start typing their name, click on the name, done. Typically I’m careful who I tag, because some people don’t want to be tagged in photos.

I also do it at the time I upload. The photo of my daughter that appeared was from Trick or Treating – nine months ago. Prompting me to tag random faces from random pictures taken at any time seems to be more of a distraction than anything else.

Now that I know this wasn’t an advertisement or game that sent my daughter’s picture to others, I feel better, but I’m sure as more people receive this tool they will be equally freaked out when it pops up on their screen and displays as an advertisement.

As more people receive this ‘tool’ I expect wall post rumors on the topic to surge.

One response to “Facebook “Whose Face is This?”

  1. This happened to me as well, but it was a random child that I haven’t ever seen before. When I clicked on it to see who’s photo it was, it was a girl who I barely talk to’s niece; who, like you, probably doesn’t want her daughter/niece’s face all over facebook. I’m just letting you know, because you have seem to come to the conclusion that it’s only you seeing your daughters face, when in fact, it could be any of your friends seeing that on their “Whose face is this?” side bar application…