Lead Management and Response

Before I took my recent position as Internet Sales Manager, I knew they’d been struggling to find a person to do the job properly.

The reason they struggled became apparent as soon as I began to get a handle on the systems. Long story short, the system wasn’t working as it should. There was no point in trying to increase leads if you couldn’t process them correctly.

Once we’d done all we could with the CRM, it was time to simplify the web site and improve its SEO. Due to either the provider or manufacturer, I couldn’t do everything I wanted, but I did as much as I was able.

The result was four consecutive months of increased traffic, prospects, and leads. The reality is I didn’t do anything ‘special’. I simplified options for the user and incorporated best practices where ever possible.

With the structural pieces in place, it was possible to properly manage the leads received.

Again, I have a very simple approach to this. Be polite, appreciative, answer the question asked, answer some related unasked questions, and provide some additional general information (maybe store hours, special offers, etc.).

This week I was informed that the manufacturer had conducted Lead Handling Performance for each of its dealerships across the country in early August. The results for my location were near perfect – 186 out of 200, compared to the industry average of 70.6 out of 200.

Seeing the average reminded me of how many times I have contacted a company and couldn’t get what I wanted, either because it wasn’t being provided or I couldn’t access it through navigating a phone tree or web site.

Take a look at your own systems and responses, how would you feel if you were on the consumer side? Could you make it simpler? Answer quicker? Give more relevant information? Something?


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