Voice Texting – the Solution?

I saw a post on the Social Times titled, “Look, No Hands: New App Allows You to Text While You Drive.”

I’m pretty sure this is NOT the solution. Being somewhat distracted vs. being very distracted is a difference, but it remains a problem and shouldn’t be encouraged.

I have a bluetooth set and don’t talk on my phone while driving unless using it or putting the phone on speaker. Does having the use of my hands help? Yes. Is it better than not using the phone at all? No.

Texting is obviously most distracting as one must type, look at the screen and drive. Voice recognition to make your text and send it, still distracts you from the primary task at hand, driving.

A better app would be one that utilizes the phone’s GPS to recognize movement beginning at a speed above walking that triggers an automatic response to all incoming texts, calls, etc with a message indicating the user is currently operating a vehicle, enjoys life, and would like to keep it that way, back to you as soon as the user arrives at their destination. When the vehicle stops for a prescribed period of time an alarm sounds and all received messages since the app kicked in can be reviewed and responded to.

Any takers?


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