Personal Reputation Management

Personal Reputation Management is something everyone should engage in at least occassionally. At some point in time, someone is going to Google you. It may be for a job, a new person you meet, or if you are a more public figure, a reporter or opponent.

After joining Doyoubuzz last week and finishing up my interactive resume early this week, I’ve been Googling myself to see which sites rank highest.

Not surprising, LinkedIn was the top result. Twitter occupied spots 2 and 3 (I have a personal account and one for NewsOverCoffee). Four through six were all from Posterous, which I use to post to NewsOverCoffee and other services from my email account.  Vimeo came in at seven, followed by my NewsOverCoffee Blogger based blog. The new WordPress based interactive resume was ninth and an audio file on came in at ten.

Of the top 10, Posterous impressed me for how high it ranked and I was pleased to see the WordPress resume leap into the top 10 already. Vimeo also was a bit of a surprise in that it ranked higher than many others. was the biggest stunner, since I had posted the audio file several years ago and pretty much forgot about it after I was done toying with a particular idea.

Moving to the next page of results, I saw my web site and other familiar properties I have online. In number twenty was DoYouBuzz. This was pretty low and I’ll be sure to watch to see how it ranks moving forward.

Scrolling forward, I owned or was aware of most of the content over the next ten pages of results. Fortunately for me, my name isn’t real common, which makes it much easier to control my content.

Quick recap, LinkedIn and Twitter, very important, Posterous and Vimeo, both pleasant surprises, and a blog will rank, whether you post regularly or use it as a resume.

And don’t forget, try searching your name in Images and Video! Posts to follow on these topics.



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