Image Search and You

Personal Reputation Management is about knowing what is online about you, how you will be perceived when others search your name, and once you have that information taking action, if needed, to own your name and present the content you want presented.

When Googling yourself, you’ll get a range of content. The top few pages matter most, as they will be most viewed.

What I had not considered, until very recently was using either Google Images or Google Video to conduct this search.

What prompted this consideration was my coming across a site called It is a site for people who do crossword puzzles. On the site content is aggregates for a specific word. The content is from web sites, Twitter, Blogs, and there are Pictures and Video. Interestingly, the site includes surnames.

Here is an example:

Replace the word “nunamaker” in that link and type any other one in. What grabbed me about this site was seeing three pictures of my aunt and uncle and a link to an article written about my blog several years ago. I didn’t recognize any video related to me.

Now I don’t expect HR folks are going to be using this site to screen candidates, but it does expose how many different sites are out there trying to aggregate content and if you have content online it is going to turn up in some potentially surprising locations and ways.

In Google Images I found photos pulled from Facebook, Twitter, my blogs, web sites, and other locations. The facebook photos were profile shots. I didn’t see any other images I’d uploaded there (my settings are friends only). I was curious if I’d see any photos that someone had been tagged in and if they made their photos available I wondered if they would render, but I didn’t see this occur.

Most important, if you see a photo you’d rather not have posted. Click on the photo, view the source, visit it and then take it down or request the person posting it remove it.


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