Live Chat with Lehigh Valley Bloggers

Last night the Express-Times hosted a “Live Chat” with Lehigh Valley Bloggers (transcript and comments available here), in which I was a participant.

It was a whirlwind experience with a dozen or so people responding and asking questions. All in all, for a group used to each moderating and encouraging dialog, it stayed fairly focused.

As it was real-time, reading comments and adding them as it went had my head spinning. At 7:20 I thought, “really, 40 minutes to go!?!”

There were a variety of bloggers, hyper-local, political, sports, entertainment, and a range of others with a mix of individuals like myself and staff from the newspaper. Topics included comment policies, hot issues, use of other social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

My hats off to Alyssa Young who moderated, if my head was spinning following what went live, then hers must have come unattached trying to post it in a reasonable order.


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