FTC and Disclosure

When the FTC updated its Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, the changes mostly impacted disclosure required of bloggers.

Once a week on my way to work a local radio station has a ‘gourmet guy’ segment. The ‘gourmet guy’ is one of their DJ’s who goes to a restaurant and ‘reviews’ it.

The review is a call in during the morning drive show with the morning personalities. I’ve heard five or six of these and not once was there anything but over the top, positive, couldn’t have been a better meal.

A minute or so later, the station puts on sale on their web site, a limited number of half-priced gift certificates.

Now I don’t know if the person pays for their meal or is comped, but I do know there is some business relationship by virtue of the sale of the gift certificates. No where on the radio broadcast is there disclosure of the relationship that I have heard to date.

If I were to do this on my blog, I’d be in violation of disclosure laws, but apparently that doesn’t apply to radio.


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