Recovering Hard Drive Space

In this age of multimedia, I’ve found my old, trusty desktop, a Dell Dimension 4600, struggles with memory. So time and again, I move non-essential files to an external drive and make back-ups of essential ones.

Today was one of those days so I thought I’d share a few tips. Using Defraggler I found my drive had less than 10% free memory.

First thing I did was run Spybot Search and Destroy, then I ran CCleaner.

Since I convert most of my movie files from .MOV to .WMV, I went to My Videos, sorted by file type, and cut all .MOV and moved them to a video file on my hard drive.

With those moved I opened up TreeSize, navigated to C drive, Documents and Settings, Local Settings, Application Data, Microsoft, and Outlook. There I found 11 .PST and .OST files. These are source and back-up files for your Outlook email and contacts. I cut all of these files whose date was pre 2011 and pasted them to an email back-up file on my external drive.

Using TreeSize I found two other .PST files on my C drive. I believe these were dumped here at a point in time when I set up a home office and used this machine for both business and personnel uses.

Simplest way for you to gain space is use FileSize to identify big or odd looking file names, Google search the file name to determine what it is associated with and its role, and then either keep, delete, or move to an external source.

When you are done, re-run CCleaner, Defraggler, and you may want to restart your machine.

Doing this today, I now have 33% free space on my hard drive.

Got some file tips to share? Put them in the comments.


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