Custom Twitter Background

So when I decided to engage more actively with my personal account on Twitter, and began to gain followers, I felt it was time to create a custom Twitter background.

I’m not a designer, so I was looking for something simple to follow, and frankly came up with next to naught, so I thought I’d write about my approach.

I found a post by Gregory Stringer titled, “Customizing Twitter Backgrounds.”

From that I took his size suggestions and color suggestions.

Which are: 1439 x 809 pixels with a left sidebar of 217 and right of 210, he further suggested making sidebar and background the same color as your backround, so I made them all white.

As mentioned, I’m not a designer, so I went to MS Visio, changed measurement from “inches” to “points” and set the page size to 1439 x 809.

I then started importing pictures and changing each to web resolution. Resetting left side pictures to 217 pixel width and right to 210.

I saved the image as a .jpg, then uploaded to Picnik, cropped and found the pixel dimensions I thought I had weren’t the same, so I resized.

I uploaded the background image to Twitter and viewed my account on an older desktop and newer laptop. The viewing on the first was 1024 x 768 (its max setting) and the second was 1600 x 900. Neither looked right.

So I went back to Visio, halved a checkerboard runner I ran across the top and brought the right sidebar in. I didn’t measure, just ball-parked. Twitter doesn’t do fixed width, but floats so I don’t think there is a way to get it right for all screen resolutions.

In the end, I wanted it to look best on the screen resolution I most use, so I went through the exercise and incrementally got it to a place I was content with.

Now I know why I didn’t find a good post quick on this topic.


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