Thoughts on Klout

I set up Klout not so long ago, and returned last night to see how I was doing.

My Klout score when I logged in today was 43, not great, but not bad.

So I went to settings to see what sites I had added, and herein lies my problem as it relates to Klout.

To begin, this is what Klout says about themselves: “When you recommend, share, and create content you impact others. Your Klout Score measures that influence on a scale of 1 to 100.”

My problem is that I have multiple personalities across a range of interests including marketing, medical device/pharma, motorsports (particularly open-wheel and sports car/prototypes), local music and art (through the Arts Center I manage), local news (through a community web site I run), and my personal life.

Digitally, I use a variety of services depending on the personality, some I have one account, and others I have multiple accounts for.

So maybe Klout works well in a one person, one interest world, but it doesn’t yet for people who transcend disciplines and for clarities’ sake require multiple accounts of the same service. It also has many to add to its list including I’d think Vimeo, Slideshare, and in some way Google products including Reader.

Right now, I’m using:

  • Facebook: personal, music, motorsports
  • Facebook Page: arts center
  • Twitter: motorsports and marketing
  • Twitter: newsovercoffee
  • Twitter: arts center
  • Posterous: NewsOverCoffee
  • Google+: personal
  • WordPress: personal
  • WordPress: arts center
  • Blogger: NewsOverCoffee
  • Google Reader: personal, marketing
  • Slideshare: marketing
  • Vimeo: artscenter, motorsports
  • LinkedIn: pharma/device, motorsports
  • personal
  • Goodreads: personal
  • Squidoo: placeblogging/newsovercoffee (rarely used)
  • Tumblr: arts center

I use these to different extents and have different followings and readerships depending on the site and topic.

Regarding Klout, since I’m splintered does my influence decrease or should it increase?


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