Don’t Do This to Your Account Execs

A few years back when I was setting up a home office I checked with the two local cable providers regarding high-speed internet. At the time neither offered two way cable. I had to use DSL.

Over the weekend I decided to check again, and if either did offer the high-speed, I’d look into a bundled package.

This afternoon, my wife returned home from picking up the kids and a man approached her in the driveway wearing an RCN shirt. He said he was responding to a request we made. She said she was unaware of any request. He said he had a submission with our address on it, and she again said she had no knowledge of any request. My wife said he was nice, said he could beat the deal we were receiving from another provider, gave her his card and left.

Here is the web site:, you’ll notice on the top right is a box titled, “Can I get service at home?” and asks for your street, apt #, City, State, and Zip. There is blue button that says “Check for Service”.

I did complete this, but no where did it say I was requesting an Account Executive to visit my home without an appointment.

On the next page it says “Congratulations!” and indicates that I can get RCN, but it doesn’t say what services are available, you have to hit, “Shop Now for RCN Services” (This time I noticed some fine print that included a link to a Privacy Policy, which I’ll look into shortly).

I selected high-speed internet, and while they had it, it wasn’t as fast as what I was currently receiving so I closed out the browser and left.

Visiting a second time, it appears I’ve been placed in their shopping cart and while four steps are showing at the top, I’m on Step 2 of 2 and there are three left to complete. To achieve the connection speed I had, meant no savings on a bundled package, so I closed the tab leaving the site.

To recap, I entered my address to check on service availability, no other personal information was provided, and I ‘abandoned’ my cart. To send this to an Account Executive as a lead is irresponsible and potentially dangerous to the rep and potential customer.

The RCN Privacy Policy only applies to customers. However, in the summary the first item reads that “RCN may collect and use Personally Identifiable Information…for the stated purpose for which such information is gathered.”

As I read this the information I provided was to determine if RCN provided service to the location where my home is located. For RCN to use this information as an invitation to contact me, including visiting my home, is in violation of their own Privacy Policy.

Don’t do this, and don’t do it to your Account and Sales Reps either.


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