Follow You, Follow Me

I deliberately violated the Golden Twitter Rule of following those who follow you.

What I found is that 18% of people who follow you, will continue to follow you even if you don’t follow them. Of course this also means that 82% won’t.

So here is the background: on August 22, 2009 I created a Twitter account for myself (@rossnunamaker). At first, I connected my WordPress to my Twitter account and that accounted for my Twitter activity. On June 4, 2011, I began to use the service daily sending links to articles I found of interest on Google Reader.

I also decided at that point, that I would follow those whose content I wanted to read on Twitter, I wouldn’t simply follow someone because they followed me. I went through my account and unfollowed people I had simply followed in return.

On 6/3/11 I had 64 followers after my following purge.

Since then, I’ve had 197 people follow me, but I’ve flat-lined around 100 total followers, or plus 35. This means that roughly 18% of people that follow you will stay with you if you don’t follow them back.


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