Patch Tops 100% Readership Within Some Communities?

A while back I wrote about my experience as a placeblogger in regard to reports that Patch was having greater than 50% of many communities visiting their sites (read it here). I found this hard to believe.

Tonight I came across a Nieman Journalism Lab post reporting that Patch traffic has spiked by 75% and 50% between the hurricane and local election coverage.

So if a community has 10,000 residents and a site gets over 50% of the community to visit, they have 5,000 visitors. If they increase by 50% they are up to 7,500 and by 75% it is 8,750. If you recognize that 80% of the population is online, then 8,000 residents are online and Patch has 8,750 people visiting some communities.

I think Patch has to come clean with its readership reporting, or stop reporting.



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