Compiled Thoughts on the Web

I’ve been working on a new web site project and in selecting a solution I’ve concentrated on what will best position us for the web as it will exist three to five years from now. As a result I’ve been reading alot and jotting notes down. Unfortunately, I didn’t annotate them as well as I should have. Below are my notes taken from a variety of sources including myself. I don’t take full credit for this, but did want to share and get feedback, so let me know what you think and if it was yours or you recognize where it came from please leave that in the comments, I’ll do the same if happen across the source again.

On the Web

Brief History of Time

Early Destination Era (seller in charge)
1995 Web 1.0 Technology Phase One to Many
1998 Web 1.5 Design Phase Some to Some > forums and chats introduced

Late Destination Era (buyer in charge)
2000 Web 1.5 Marketing Phase Online Shopping, advertising, messaging
2005 Web 2.0 Sharing Phase Many to Many > networks, commenting, joining

Significant Shift From 2.0 to 3.0 in that can’t go beyond Many to Many, the Web is no longer destination based, you don’t go to places for content, you receive content you need in whichever means you use to act upon it (desktop, phone, tablet, pad, tv, appliance, etc).

Distribution Era
2010 Web 2.5 Business Phase Measurable ROI
2010 Web 2.5 Distribution Phase Cloud, Data Management, and APIs

The distribution phase will begin with filtering and recommendation and then as content is distributed more often than found it will fundamentally alter the online economy (ads), SEO, and Analytics, because people are not visiting they are receiving.

Intelligent Era
2015 Web 3.0 Semantic Web URI and XML

The Future

“Bet on human nature not technology,” Andrew Hanelly (his points with my summary below)

1. Simple: who visits, what do they want, what do you want them to do?
2. Portable: think of rendering anywhere
3. Speed: people don’t like to wait, be fast
4. Make it Human: need to connect with user
5. Useful: must provide benefit to the user or they won’t come back

Would you agree with this break down in general? What is missing? How would you evaluate against it?

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