Klout Plunge

In late October/early November there was a lot of talk about Klout changing it’s formula and individuals being upset about downward swings. Out of curiosity I logged in several days in a row to see what happened to my score and I posted on the results here.

The most recent new change dropped my score from 41 to 22 overnight.

Interestingly, before I was between Broad and Focused in Klout Style,  and between Consistent and Creating – ie middle right.

With the new changes I dropped to lower left at Casual and Listening and lost half of my Klout score.

What is odd is that I’ve been using Bufferapp and posting multiple times a day in most cases across my core topics (which probably don’t make sense to Klout) of indy(car), music, management, and digital marketing. There’re also some personal posts.

Does it matter? I’d imagine not, but there are many who are apparently experiencing much of the same and none to happy dropping accounts. Will continue to watch and try not to take offense as Klout recalculates its recalculations.


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