Rank and Influence on Twitter Beyond Klout

So I’ve written about Klout and how the recent change tanked my score and changed “who” I was on Twitter.

While not necessarily the same type of scoring, I thought I’d look at a few other Twitter measurement tools and see how close they came to one another. As a point of reference, Klout has me at 21 down from 42 prior to its latest update.

PeerIndex.  My rating on this site is a composite 38, comprised of a 49 for activity, 41 authority, and 27 for audience. This site provides quite a bit of information about who you follow and who follows you.

Tweetgrader.  This is a Hubspot product that grades a Twitter account and ranks it per grade. My score was 74 out of 100 and I ranked 2,965,615 out of 11,393,658. There were no recommended improvements to my Tweeting. They also include some Tools that help you understand who re-Tweets or mentions you.

Tweetlevel. This is an Edelman tool and here I have a 49.3 influence score along with a 34.8 popularity, 38.5 engagement, and 13.8 trust. This seems to be roughly equal to PeerIndex.

Twitalyzer. This shows Klout and PeerIndex and then has its own Twitalyzer Impact Percentile, of which my own was 33.

At the end of the day, how and why you Tweet is more important than where an algorithm ranks you against the world. Stay true to your purpose and the number doesn’t matter.


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