How I’m Doing Social?

I’ve been active in the social space since for many years. I got my Gmail account in February and began blogging in May of 2005.  At that time I also discovered and not too long after Wikipedia.

By summer of that year I launched, crashed and burned my community site, NewsOverCoffee. After many months back at the drawing board I re-launched in March of 2006.

Despite that I was late to arrive on Facebook and Twitter, but I had been on Linked In.

I like to try different services and there are many good ones, but lately I feel like I’m being a bit overwhelmed and I need to reign them in.

I’m closing my community site, but for the past 18 months or so I’ve relied on email sending to Posterous and distributing to Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook. This allowed me to save a lot of time, but I think it segregated the conversations and because I hardly ever visited the site I feel like I made it less social (I also receive comment notifications by email, so I didn’t have to ‘check’ on the site often).

Personally, I use Twitter, Buffer App, Google Reader, Facebook and Gmail daily.  I use WordPress and LinkedIn moderately (maybe weekly). I’d like to use Goodreads ,, and Plinky more than occasionally. I also have a web site (Concrete 5 CMS).

The Web site was good when I was networking heavily and hosting a variety of projects, but I think a better use is to turn the whole of it over to the Arts Center I help and use WordPress for myself and Corey Lewis Racing.

I love the concept of a single platform and Google comes close. Gmail and Reader are great. I’ve noticed that while I quickly post content from Reader to Buffer App for distribution to Twitter, I often now fail to folder the same content as I had in the past for quick reference in the future. Twylah kind of helps with this because it organizes my content for me.

I intend to post anything I Tweet to G+ and see what happens, but I feel I’m stuck on Twitter and Facebook for the moment because few of my friends and followers are on G+

I also really am liking Google Music, which again nudges me toward that platform, but it needs to improve its manager, twice now it has autouploaded my daughter’s music because we have it all on one computer.

At the end of the day, I think Google is going to win this. Its services are there and when you throw in Chrome and Android you’ve got a pretty complete package that is reasonably open compared to Apple. In the meantime, I’ll probably continue to use lots of services.


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