Patch Year One in My Town

Today I made my last placeblog post after five plus years covering Nazareth, PA. It was a great experience and I learned an awful lot about the space.

I read a “Year in Review” featuring the most popular stories by the local tonight and found it interesting to see the most popular posts were about accidents, deaths, and injuries.

By comparison, while I included this type of post, my most popular ones were about hot community topics such as issues involving taxes, school district decisions, zoning and the like. These were topics where I’d report, provide my opinion, and ask readers for their thoughts.

The lack of this type of post tells me Patch, or at least my local one, hasn’t yet found the pulse of the community. Further, if they haven’t, then they are competing head-to-head with existing print media (and to a lesser extent local radio and tv) and I think that is a big challenge to tackle in the new year considering the financial churn.


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