Why Twylah?

Twylah is a new tool that organizes a user’s Twitter Tweets by topic and renders them in a dynamic web site.

In September, Technorati wrote about the new service and indicated it was invite only private beta. I signed up over the holiday break by making a request and receiving the invite. It appears this is still the case based on the homepage.

Twylah scans your Tweets and organizes them in categories¬†based on keywords. It also allows you to “pin” up to three categories to always render at the top of the page. Today, I pinned Gracian (Baltasar Gracian), whose quotes I Tweet once a day and left the rest open. The result:

So my Twitter profile information renders at the top, then my topics act as tabs and the home page highlights either what I’ve pinned or what Twylah deems me to most often Tweet about.

I really like what Twylah is doing and this could have huge potential. Twitter frustrates a lot of content consumers, because it is overwhelming and disorganized in appearance. Twylah, though, is very organized and intuitive. If generators use Twitter and post thinking about Twylah, Twylah could become an outstanding source for content consumers.

The biggest thing I have learned from using Twylah and will begin to employ is the more common use of hashtags to help Twylah better understand the topic each Tweet addresses.

I’d also imagine that as these Twylah sites get indexed and added to search algorithms, it will help brands of all kinds to rank, provided they are using the service!

What do you think? Have you tried Twylah? What is your reaction?


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