Buffer Up!

Note: Typically verbose post, bottom line: most efficient and effective combination I’ve found is Google Reader to find content, Buffer App to manage Tweets and gain Analytics, Twitter for distribution, and Twylah for a summary of Twitter content topics. This post is mostly about Buffer App (great job guys!).

While I opened a Twitter account in August of 2009, I didn’t begin using it seriously until June of 2011.

At that point I had outlined an approach to Twitter. My plan was to purge followers I had followed for the simple reason they followed me (read about my experience Follow You, Follow Me) and to post links to articles I found of interest from Google Reader feed.

Like everyone, my time is precious, but so too is staying abreast of what is happening. I had to find ways to optimize efficiency. After a few different approaches I settled on Google Reader to find content, Buffer App to manage and provide analytics, Twitter to distribute, and Twylah to view a summary of my content topics.

I started using the Bufferapp.com in early October 2011 and now 30% of my Tweets have gone through their management service.

I’m using the free service, so I can put up to 10 Twitter posts in the queue. This is great because if I’m reading feeds in Reader I don’t want to live Tweet six in a row at 10:00 p.m. Instead, at the bottom of the article I select “Send To”, “Buffer” and a tab opens so I can customize my Tweet. Then I can decide whether I want to “send now” or “add to buffer”.

Occasionally, I’ll send it right away, but most often I add it to my buffer. In my buffer I can re-arrange the order of the Tweets, which is nice because I’ve currently settled into a sending pattern of Link, Quotation, Link, Plinky Prompt (what’s a Plinky Prompt? Look for an upcoming post on the social service that inspires to defeat writer’s block).

I started sending two Tweets a day, but found with Buffer it was easy to add a few more so I had a mix of links and content. In Buffer, you can select settings, and there you identify how many Tweets per day and when – to the minute, you want them sent.

Another great thing about Buffer is that I’ll get an email reminder if my Buffer is low, which encourages a steady stream of Tweets from me to the world.

I know there are a tremendous number of services to assist you with managing your Tweets, but right now I’m feeling pretty good about the (note links are to posts I’ve made about how I use these services, not to the services themselves): Google Reader – Buffer App – Twitter – Twylah combination.

Best part, once I send from Reader to Buffer I don’t have to touch anything.


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