This Week’s Tweets

Blasting out Tweets and sharing links and thoughts is all well and good, but I can’t really put any context around 140 characters. Given that, I thought I’d try to recap the what and why of my Tweets for the week, each weekend.

This is my first installment, so for background, I use Bufferapp and absolutely love it. Each day I try to send out two links to articles currently of interest to me, one quote from Baltasar Gracian (#gracian) and I reply to a Plinky prompt each night (try it, it’s a great way to reflect at the end of the day).

One thing I learned about Bufferapp this week is that they use, and try not to replicate shortened links, but sometimes it happens resulting in large click discrepancies in the analytics. I use the analytics more as an ‘of interest’ than ‘lifeline’, so it doesn’t matter me, just found it odd that one of my posts got twice the clicks as I have followers, so I pointed it out to the folks at Bufferapp and they gave me the above explanation.

So on to the week that was…

I’ve been extremely interested in learning more about how API’s can resolve a breadth of enterprise issues both on the back-end and sales facing sides. It is quite clear that tablets and smart phones are all the rage. Problem is to deliver applications to assist sales or customers requires the ability to pull data and information from a range of internal systems and storage locations. When dealing with multiple sales forces and audiences the complexity quickly scales. API’s, standard frameworks, and unified platforms are all needed.

Programmable Web is a great web site for the latest information on APIs.

Speaking of Web sites, Gerry McGovern is unmatched for his insight’s regarding user tasks on Web sites. This week he addressed why ugly web sites are perceived as credible by users.

An article regarding AdWords caught my attention as management of our corporate account was transitioned to me at the start of this year. SEO Moz had an article, which to me served as a reminder to test results you see (ie Trust, but Verify).

On Thursday, a post from Drupal founder Dries Buytaert spoke to the release of version 8. I’m at the very early stages of a Drupal 7 implementation and know that we will need to upgrade at some point, so the timeline is very relevant.

The week ended with an interesting post by Om Malik on the Mobile-Social-Cloud. What intrigued me about this was concept of the ‘office’ platform. Using PC’s with iphone’s and ipads and making everything work together is a priority for me right now.

Plinky addressed food, animals, Valentine’s Day, and travel.

I don’t theme my Gracian quotes, but this week’s hit upon highest points/peaks, character, insinuation, and when to put something aside.

I also tossed in a few Tweets on Gen X, Gen Y, a shark that swallowed another shark whole, steps to success, free classes from MIT, and how could I not have had at least one Jeremy Lin reference (okay a retweet stating his story was the best basketball story since the fish that saved pittsburgh).


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