Tweets from the week of 2-20-12

While I have some links, doesn’t really make sense to repost all my links, so if you are interested in any of these areas, follow me on Twitter @RossNunamaker.

Always high on my list of interest are posts made by Avinash Kaushik and his post on Mistakes Web Analysts make did not disappoint.

A few posts on mobile ranging from the obvious (people use mobile) to surprising (most sites not optimized) to wondering when the FTC will impose ratings on apps.

In the range of mobile, a post on social influence caught my eye, mostly because I think its premise is wrong, it will be important, but not in the way it is currently being use, just isn’t yet clear how it will be used.

API platform companies Mashery and Apigee had some good posts on APIs, big data, and the cloud. These posts won’t be going away and will be more and more talked about moving forward. There was also a good post on fundamentals of good API design that I thought was very informative.

A post on Drupal was interesting, but what I really liked were the comments about the CMS.

GigaOM had a good post on ResearchGate, who’s goal is open up scientific research. This was very interesting to me especially in light of the controversy surrounding Elsevier. Looks like academic publishing is about to be disrupted.

And with Corey Lewis in TX testing with Team GDT (General Data Tech is a Cisco system supplier that supports the Star Mazda series) there were a few re-tweets of his, particularly setting the track record at Motorsport Ranch. He’s looking for sponsors, so let me know if you’re interested in getting involved with a tech based sport!


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