Tweets from the Week 2-26-12

My Tweets from the week of 2/26/12 (follow-me here). You can view my past Tweets to access the links to posts I reference. In addition to the digital related posts, I try to get one quote from Baltasar Gracian mid-day and one creative writing prompt each evening courtesy of I’m pretty consistent with these thanks to Bufferapp.


Mostly because I fashion myself in this way, Paul Roetzer had an article on the prototype marketer of digital needing to be a hybrid. O’Reilly Radar had a post on discovery and data focused on research conducted by, a favorite site of mine (connect with me). Brian Solis had an interesting piece on Digital Darwinism, which had me asking if companies can adopt technology early enough and make the big decisions to avoid being disrupted.

Site Design

As I am currently working on a multi-language site, I couldn’t refuse reading Search Engine Land’s post on design catastrophe’s to avoid for multinational web sites. Modesto Siotos had a guest post on content migration, which was excellent as it outlined a detailed roadmap which took SEO into consideration.


CMS Wire had a good article on deploying social in the enterprise, which had me thinking that an internal social program is a great first step for companies to prepare their consumer focused social, particularly in B2B situations in conservative industries. On the social front, Web Analytics World had a good post on the Bufferapp, which is a tool I use daily to manage my Tweets.


.net had a post on native apps vs. those using HTML5, which I mostly agree with, good to have documentation.


API platform provider Apigee had a post on the business opportunities available when unlocking APIs. Programmable Web had a good article on the value of API documentation. I also shared an article from API Evangelist updating what an API Evangelist is.


On the mobile front, a restatement of the obvious as Search Engine Land reported that 1 billion users will use mobile as their primary internet access in 2012 – get those mobile strategies implemented!


Google implemented more changes and posted about how they will speed up results.

Big Data

There have been a lot of posts about big data, GigaOM had a good one adoption issues companies need to consider.


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