The Paywall

I came across an interesting article on the Nieman Journalism Lab site regarding “The Newsonomics of Paywalls All over the World“.

When I ran my placeblog, I always cited my local sources with links to content related to the community. That all changed when one local publication, The Morning Call, decided to go with a paywall (the parent company actually made the decision). At that point, while I knew that the Call had written an article about the community, I couldn’t see a point in alerting readers, because they couldn’t read it unless they had an account.

Media companies have been and are continuing to be disrupted and they need to figure out the new business model, but I don’t think the paywall is it. My initial thought is that the more people that see the content the more valuable it becomes. The best way to disperse content is via APIs.

Many media companies are adopting APIs and opening them up. It will be interesting to see what model emerges.


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