Tweets from the Week 3-4-12

Started the week off with a fun post the source of which was a student from nearby Lehigh University regarding the cost to build a fully functioning Death Star. It drew the attention of legions of Star Wars geeks and the comments were priceless (and no I couldn’t get through all of them).

Proud dad I am I also Tweeted a link regarding a school program my daughter was involved in where they raised trout which were then released into local waters (in time for fishing season).


The role of Digital Analytics was addressed on ZoomMetrix by Kris Irizawa. I also found of interest the college degrees with best and worst employment opportunities and how to educate more creative problem solvers.


Read a good post on demanding the right data from Harvard Business Review.


API Evangelist had a post on automated documentation for RESTful API’s.


Interesting article on how much code a designer should know included some resources for those who are not programmers to get started. Also saw a good post on the evolution of the interface and what it means for the future.


iOS5 adoption as compared to Android was discussed on The Next Web.

Open Source

Learned about a new Drupal info site called Drupalopolis and read a review of the new Ubuntu 12.04.


Saw a nice infographic on a Social Media Radar Screen. Also a post on the social enterprise network.


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