Tweets from the Week 3-11-12

Sunday, March 4, marked the one year anniversary of the tragedy in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami. Now working for a Japanese owned company, this was personalized having my co-workers directly impacted, not to mention the company itself. I hope everyone took a moment to remember and pray for everyone there trying to recover.

This was a big week for me at work as we had the business leaders gather for a discovery meeting regarding our web site relaunch. As a result I loaded up the bufferapp and missed my quote of the day and evening creative writing more than usual.

It was a great meeting and a great week overall, got a lot accomplished and clarified the direction of our marketing technology.


Found a very interesting post on technewsworld about historic, dominant products, how they failed, and what this means for iPad post-Jobs. Loved an article in Harvard Business Review that spoke to the merits of focusing on a single task. It noted that jumping from a primary task to something else and returning resulted on average of the task taking 25% more time to complete.


Apigee had a good article on api analytics in enterprise used for gaining insight. Nieman Labs had a story on US CIO VanRoekel’s plan for open data. Kin Lane creating an API stack, going to be a list not to be missed.

Big Data

Avinash Kaushik had a well-thought article on big data. Roughly a big data topic, GigaOM had an interesting post on Oracle’s metered pricing for cloud storage. and Radar O’Reilly explained SMAQ.


More a back-end design article, but good post on a “future-friendly web” that provided a current status and what we need to do.


Saw an article in Information Age on Acquia and how Dries Buytaert has modeled the company to earn some dollars off Drupal. I like the approach and think it will serve as a model for other open-source projects in the future.


Interesting article on Media Paywalls, but I think media outlets should be building models based on sale of APIs and better exposing content than taking the time and energy to hide it and upset readers.


Not a big surprise to read a post on the fact that healthcare is lagging behind when it comes to mobile optimization. With the rapid sale of tablets coupled with smart phone adoption by physicians, I’d expect most are working on resolving this now. I also wrote a post about social influence and how it is the value of the content that somehow needs to be measured as opposed to simply assuming that a following means content is good. A later thought not included in that post is maybe we should be leveraging LinkedIn and considering employer, title, etc. CMSWire had a good post on the opportunities and challenges of mobile web sites.


GigaOM on personalized web, which seems to be another hot topic of late with Google’s +1 leading the way. I’m good with the interest graph, but am a bit concerned about over-filtering. I learn a lot by looking in other places.


Interesting piece in regarding security, one stat of interest was that 56% of breaches are found by accident.

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