Principles to Transform Your Digital Strategy

I love the game of chess. I’m a rank amateur, but I love it none-the-less.
I mostly play on, but I had gotten away from it for about a year. I am now trying to get back into it again.

I decided to best do that I had to play more and I had to devise a more strategic approach to the game. To accomplish the latter, I re-visited Peter Kurzdorfer’s The Tao of Chess. The book is comprised of “200 Principles to Transform Your Game and Your Life” (my review of the book is here).

As I started reading through the first handful, I realized that these principles could also be applied to how I approach digital strategy and analytics, particularly in the enterprise.

So I decided to take notes on a flight and create posts for applicable principles. I’ll state the principle, and discuss its application to digital. If you’re interested in Kurzdorfer’s take on chess and life, you’ll have to buy the book, which I’m sure he’d appreciate.

I’ll try to get at least one out per week and would appreciate comments, feedback and further insight.


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