Being Mobile

This principle is one of 200 from The Tao of Chess by Peter Kurzdorfer. I realized while reading it, that these principles also applied to my approach to digital strategy and analytics. Since these are the things I am most often thinking about, I thought I’d share them here. If you’d like to learn Kurzdorfer’s take on chess and life, you’ll have to read his book.

Principle 2: A knight on the rim is grim.

This principle is about mobility and positioning. The critical question to ask is are you using your assets to the best of their ability or are you making them do things they were not designed to do?

If you have a problem and find a tool to get the job done, ask yourself what else can this tool do for me? In some cases it could do a lot, but you simply don’t have the resources to employ them now. In that case set it up properly in the beginning and make it a part of your road map.

A  knight on the rim is limited because you restrict its mobility. Position your systems to get the most out of them even if you can’t do it right now. Think long term, even if you can only act for the short term.


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