Tweets from the Weeks 3-18 and 3-25

I guess I got so excited doing my taxes last week that I forgot to post a summary of my Tweets, so this week I’ll be posting for two. In addition to these I mostly kept up with my Baltasar Gracian quote at mid-day and evening writing prompt courtesy of Plinky, plus some off-topic but interesting posts I found online, and of course with the start of IndyCar and the open-wheel season, on raceweekends you’ll get some commentary! Thanks to BufferApp for helping me manage this!


If you are in the digital space, you’ll want to be aware of the FTC Final Commission Report on Protecting Consumer Privacy. I began a series on my WordPress blog regarding “Principles to Transform Digital Strategy” based on the book the Tao of Chess. I reposted a Tweet by Avinash Kaushik regarding how to build a message map. Found a scary report that showed less than half of a web site’s traffic is by humans. I downloaded and linked to “The Rise of Digital Influence” (and planned to read it, but haven’t yet). I also shared “The CMO Guide to the Social Landscape” which is an interactive infograph.

There was a good post on the merits of an open vs. closed Internet on GigaOM and one on apps vs. WWW from Pew. Tweeted a case example from the patent wars.

Several Harvard Business Review posts including how to improve on ones creativity, tips and lessons on being more creative, American competitiveness and the slidedeck showed some real deficiencies, the trauma of unemployment.

Google announced a Picnik replacement, PicMonkey, developed by the Picnik team (I’ve already bookmarked and used it, good tool).


Apigee had a pair of posts on API Facade Design, which was something new to me. More on the data side of the equation O’Reilly had a post on open data being key to breakthroughs in healthcare. ProgrammableWeb with more good info including a tool to test RESTful APIs. An automated documentation tool for RESTful APIs caught my attention as well. Found a post on government data and a call to use APIs over bulk data files. I also found what looks like it could be a good visualization tool for Google Analytics, which uses its API to connect the dashboard with your analytics account.


Drupalcom took place and I shared a link to the Drupal plan for the future. Drupalopolis is posting some great content and I really enjoyed a piece on preparing your site for the tablet.


Learned about a new keyword tool, which I found to be intriguing called Ubersuggest.


A pair of posts, one on what tablets mean to healthcare and the other addressing mobile as a potential distraction to HCP’s. Found Mobitest, by Akamai, which is an open source mobile page load tester. Another post on FDA’s potential regulation of health related apps. A post regarding an app to restrict messaging to underage followers (ie alcohol or tobacco ads).

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