Tweets from first three weeks in April

Going to post on what mobile has done to my personal online habits and why it differs from business for me, but first the first three weeks of April, Twitter recap!


Kence Anderson shared a great article on The Science of Genius which spoke to being creative. Big topic during April was employers accessing social accounts, Harvard Business Review had a good article on future employers and what you post. Also noted a post on a father/son team publishing a book on teaching kids to code. Harvard Business Review also had a post on the “Everyday Expert”, which I found to be very interesting. It addressed people declaring themselves experts based on follower count etc, instead of actual experience.

A post on the number of touchpoints exploding with new services and devices arriving daily was of interest. Harvard Business Review also had a good post on how leaders use dreams to inspire. A great article on the limitations of computer’s knowledge from Scientific America. Valdis Krebs had a great article titled the Next Big Thing, about networks. John Battelle on what Silicon Valley doesn’t understand about DC.

Found a ‘no duh’ post on open source essentially saying just because its open source doesn’t mean its better than proprietary. Mostly interested in thoughts on open source products and community versus proprietary. ZDNet had a good post on why the enterprise should embrace LAMP. Good article on DAM in the enterprise.


Avinash had a great post on MultiChannel Attribution.  The Google blog also had  an article on marketing attribution in a complex digital world.


Public data boom and role in business was a good post by Mashery. CMS Wire made a case for monetizing APIs and value of platforms. TechStars Cloud demo day dominated by big data and APIs. And Apigee had a good post on the Facade Pattern (part of a series). Found a good article emphasizing the need of companies to let developers know their roadmap related to APIs.


Good article on SugarCRM, which I’m looking at using for a project.


Lots of articles coming out on data and I thought Gerry McGovern had a good one on the Web & data.  Also one about who is going to do the work to take advantage of big data was so true in my world.


Lots of Google bashing by tech bloggers, yet found a post noting that its popularity is soaring among the public. The redesign also had people talking and one article on the app platform caught my eye. Great article featuring 10 Google products you might not know about. Post on new benchmarks and site speed per Google. The new Gmail Meter is out and there was a post that provided good info on it.


I got my company issued iPad 2 and found acouple of how-to’s I liked, one on taking a screen shot and another on fancy gestures and other tips.


Post on sharing by age group and type of technology found email remains most shared type of content.


Flowtown had an infograph and article on scheduling apps, but didn’t mention BufferApp, couldn’t believe it!

And from the life of Ross, mostly daily Gracian quotes, Plinky prompt responses, tweets during the Indy Car race at Long Beach, a few mentions of music I was listening to on Pandora, release of the 1940 census, a cold war relic – a Soviet secret submarine base now open to the public, some local music mentions, a massive dolphin die-off in Peru, Audi’s electric car that is so quiet they are adding sound, a great photo of the new Corvette that makes it look like the car is moving, DARPA’s robotic challenge, the Giant Radio Telescope race, obesity, design of a motorcycle on OCC, military using Android, a physicist who mathematical proof got him off a ticket for running a stop sign, space shuttle Discovery lands in DC,  a book review, info on ticks, a $1M electric car, a check in at our favorite Asian take out spot, and those were all the off-topic posts for the month to date.

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