What’s in My Bag

On the Verge they regularly run a post about what people carry with them, “What’s in your bag, Thomas Houston?” Recently, my company rolled out iPhone and iPads to employees and my old Blackberry Curve, which served me well for years, was having a problem with the charger, so due for an upgrade I decided to go with an Android based phone. I didn’t properly save my contacts, so I’m manually updating the new phone as needed from the Blackberry. All of this means I’m carrying a lot of stuff and thought why not jump in the game.

I’ve mentioned the Blackberry is temporary, the iPhone 4 is work, and I selected a Samsung Infuse 4G as my personal device. I would say that the Infuse pushes the boundary of size for an average sized person. If the screen were any bigger I wouldn’t be able to use it well. I’d suggest for those looking to see a lot on the screen, this is as big as you can go. I was able to upgrade to Gingerbread with no problem, and so far the phone has been great. I’ve had the iPhone a bit longer, and loaded some apps, but mostly as a work device, I haven’t ‘played’ too much with it. So yes, of late I’ve been toting three phones in my bag.

I also am carrying an iPad 2 and HP Elitebook 8440p laptop, both work issued. Due to the extent that I use Excel and Access, plus the typing, I can’t rely solely on touch tablets to get my work done efficiently.

To keep us online at all times, I was also provided a Verizon MiFi device.

I carry an iPod Nano for music so I don’t waste battery life on other devices and I keep several sets of ear buds as I like to be sure both iPad and laptop have them plugged in when working, so I don’t have odd sound being shared across the room I’m in.

Since I wear glasses and have many screens, I keep an Olympus lens wipe with me, and since I’m a Steelers and Hitchhikers fan I carry a Terrible Towel.

I’m planning on getting protective jackets for the Infuse and iPad, and in addition to the Bullet Space Pen (which I got as a stylus/pen combo for my Palm Pilot and absolutely love), I want to get an AluPen stylus for these devices (see the Verge’s Stylus review here).

I typically have a legal pad, a couple pens, some spare change, a couple tissues, hand gel, and Carmex not to mention power chords and adapters as necessary depending on where I’m going and what I’ll be doing. I also carry two sets of business cards, personal and work. It isn’t that I’m planning on leaving, only that while I was between jobs I got involved in a range of activities and like having the personal ones available for non-employment interactions.

The bag is Reaction by Kenneth Cole, which I like, but would like it even more if it had a latch for me to hang my keys from. When traveling and leaving my car behind I loved having this feature on a former bag as I knew they would never go missing.

So, ridiculously large amount of stuff in my bag! Good thing most days I’m driving myself in to the office and only occasionally adding the extra chargers for off-sites.


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