Managing Information and There Really are Stupid Questions

This week I continued to try to de-clutter and improve my online life.

I decided it was pointless to receive email newsletters and announcements. The simple fact is that I don’t read any of the emails from retailers, so why keep getting them? Further, newsletters were nearly 100% redundant with my Google Reader feeds, so again redundant content.

I cut my incoming personal email by about 80% – awesome.

I also took advantage of Gmail’s attempt to determine which of my emails are important and which are not and began starring those to follow-up. Most of this was driven by the fact that I’m no longer using Outlook on my personal email and am more reliant on my phone.

To not miss alerts that I was receiving by email, though rarely ever reading, I set up feeds in Reader for LinkedIn.

I also decided I’d try to answer a question a day on LinkedIn. I think over the course of the week I found two worthy of actually being answered.

I was subscribed to Answers in Marketing, Digital, and Technology (7 categories altogether).

One I answered was, “What is your policy on following someone on Twitter once they follow you?” Fair enough and I got a nice response from the person who posted it. In the Internet Marketing Group I answered, “What tools are you using for social media monitoring and would you recommend them?” On that one I got a “Best Answer” designation, which was a nice pat on the back.

Despite the fact that I wanted to post an answer a day, though, I found the questions were mostly rubbish, considering many of these people were asking based on needs for their clients or their own business.

Here are a few:

Branding, “Need thoughts on a website. I swear this isn’t an ad! I just need opinions and thoughts on a website for a client.

Internet Marketing: “We have a social network website where people connect and socialize. We think that our strategy is not good enough and we need to do strategy/scope change or close the project. Could you please share some information like books / other resources that can help us to get correct approach to the issue.”

Market Research: “Do you own or operate an Advertising Agency, Network, or work in any aspect of Performance Based Marketing?I need to know what is out there.”

Mobile Marketing: “How do QR Codes work? Do they need some sort of hosting? Can I generate my own custom QR codes? How? Hi guys, I am looking to create mobile websites for my clients and would like to generate QR codes. However, how do QR codes work? When you scan a QR code, do you get taken to a server where the URL is interpreted? If so, how can I host that part myself? Or can I? And finally, can I generate my own custom QR codes?

Project Management: “Business has been great the last few months. The only problem is I find myself getting complacent. Does anyone have any tips to quickly pull out of such a state-of-mind?”

I’ll continue this for a few weeks to see how it goes, but week one sure was disappointing.


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