Social Networks and Cemeteries

I came across an article on the Social Times titled, “What Happens to Your Twitter When You Die? Creating a Social Media Will.”

I’m sure most people have been connected to a person in a network who has passed away, but their account remains active. I’ve cringed when people unknowingly post to those accounts unaware of the passing.

It got me thinking, should all social media sites (FB, G+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) have the equivalent of a cemetery tombstone option so the person’s account is tagged, but remains viewed (of course you could have the option to delete the account as well, but some people might like to have it for the person’s memory to live on). This could simply be a modification to the theme with option to add birth and death dates, you could also link from that to the official obituary.

I think this will become a major issue for these networks in the coming years and there is going to have to be a mechanism to deal with it, even if we don’t like to think about it.

What do you think?


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