Disney During Tropical Storm Debby – Day 6

Our last day of parks at Disney and we were off to Animal Kingdom.

It was another hot, sunny day, but the park provided a lot of natural cover.

The girls really wanted to do the safari, so we decided we would walk there first, get a fast pass if needed, and do the walking tour while we waited.

The plan worked well, we got to do the walking tour and as we finished we were ready for the safari. The safari was kind of like driving through a zoo. We got to see a lot of animals in more natural habitats. We took a ton of pictures.

There were three walking tours in Animal Kingdom, along with the Safari and a few rides. Not sure what happened, but my older daughter and I waited for the Himalayan ride and were next up when they closed the ride. Yes, we waited about 30 minutes, but I’d much rather not be on a ride than be on it when it breaks.

The most pleasant surprise of the day came with the Lion King show. I was expecting costumed characters and a ‘kids’ show, but it was highly entertaining with gymnasts, aerielists, singing, dancing and as much as you could pack into 30 minutes. It was the best show we saw the entire week.

Our dinner that night was at the Rainforest Cafe. It was loud by design, but quite the interesting dinner.

I think if you ranked the Disney parks, Animal Kingdom and Epcot were our favorites.


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