A Great Compliment to Google Reader – Trapit

I love Google Reader. It is great for adding subscriptions to sites whose content is of interest to me, I can organize my feeds, and I can +1, favorite, and share them to other social sites (G+, FB, Tumblr, and BufferApp are what i most use).

What I can’t directly do with Google Reader is find new sources of content or grab articles of interest from sources I don’t already follow.

This week I came across Trapit. It is in beta, so expect changes and updates. You can create an account via Twitter and then build or save Traps, which are topical content feeds. I first set up some traps around topics of interest and today spent some time scanning the articles in each.

To my surprise I found a few very good articles that were not from my standard Reader sources.

Right now you can bookmark content, save it for later, and share it, though the sharing is limited (no BufferApp, bummer). I don’t like the direct share to Twitter, because I prefer using a scheduler to avoid dumping a bunch of Tweets on folks in a short period of time.

All in all, though, Trapit shows lots of promise to keep me from being overly filtered and to find new sources of great information online.


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