PR Summit Day 1, Continued Presentations

Day one of the 8th annual Public Relations & Communications Summit continued on with several presentations followed by a series of breakouts.

[Disclosure: summaries are my own interpretations based on notes taken during the session, not to be taken as verbatim quotes. Notes and opinions provided, as always on this blog, are my own and not necessarily my employers’.]

Following the Keynote and panel discussion was a break and the mid morning sessions were “Best Practices for Employee Engagement and Increasing Innovation” and “the FDA Perspective: Utilize Innovative Digital Initiatives for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Communications”.

The Employee Engagement session was a case study around engaging R & D personnel, so that was a bit different for me, but I thought the speakers, Nance Bavec and Barbara Blake, both from AstraZeneca, made some good, key points.

To begin they noted that the challenge of R & D is that by its very nature it takes too long, we spend too much, and we do not get enough (good) results.

They also noted how important it was to get the technical people to open up and be put in front to help tell the story. They noted these are human faces whose mission is to make other people’s lives better through science.

The FDA session was not about how healthcare companies can communicate medical information, but instead how the CDER division of the FDA is changing the way it conducts online communications.

Given my background, this session didn’t provide anything new related to digital marketing, but it did give insight into the goals and concerns of the agency when they are communicating to external audiences.


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