LinkedIn Answers Not Worth Investment of My Time

I previously posted on LinkedIn Questions as well as how I use the service, in both instances I  noted my surprise at the low quality of questions asked by the community and whether or not I’d continue to try to answer them.

After feeling I’ve given the service enough time (probably close to two months now), I’ve decided it is simply not worth my time to scan daily the questions and attempt to answer any of value. I’ve answered maybe a dozen after scanning literally hundreds.

My approach to this was to use Google Reader, scan questions, and when there were ones I could make a contribution to, I’d answer them. The feeds were LinkedIn Answers: branding, business analytics, internet marketing, market research and definition, mobile marketing, project management, and technology.

In the interest of time I’m going to remove these feeds, but keep my network activity as that allows me to see who has made changes to profiles, posted articles, and made new connections without having to visit another site.

Have you used this service? Found it of value? Would be interested to hear other’s experience.


2 responses to “LinkedIn Answers Not Worth Investment of My Time

  1. Thanks for the feedback. I also noted a handful of people who repeatedly answered nearly every question and even promoted their “best answers” count in their profile. I also thought a lot of the questions were from individuals trying to take a short-cut on projects they got and probably shouldn’t have.

  2. I’ve dabbled with it just for my own education. There are definitely some good discussions, but there are also plenty of trolls who are looking to be seen as experts by boosting their numbers of “best answers.”