Wattpad and Writing.com

I’ve always enjoyed writing and recently came across Wattpad, which I thought was a Goodreads competitor, but quickly found it reminded me of Writing.com. Today I came across an article on O’Reilley Radar regarding the Wattpad business plan and decided it was worth the time to create this post.

I had created an account on Writing.com in March  of 2006. It is a community of writers. You can post content to be reviewed, review other’s work, and enter contests or respond to prompts. Today was probably the first time in five years I logged in and the site looks mostly the same as it did then, like it was built and designed in the 1990s. I’m sure the people using it don’t care, as I was, they are probably focused on the utility of the site and getting feedback from the community.

Wattpad on the other hand, is currently styled and according to the article focused on teen writers, contributing content, and once a ‘wealth’ of content was available the site would figure out how to monetize.

Where writing.com is comprised mostly of writers helping one another, Wattpad is closer to a vanity press without the cost of actually publishing. I didn’t take the time to read any of the work, so I can’t speak to quality, but in my lurking I can see why it would appeal to teens. I don’t on the other hand think the approach would work as well with those trying to hone their writing skills, for that they should probably still stick with a local writer’s group or writing.com.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried Wattpad? How is the quality?


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