The Problem with G+

I remain excited about the potential of G+ and a recent traffic announcement by ComScore indicates traffic is up 66% in the past nine months (read the Verge post on this here), but there is a problem: lack of third party integration.

While Google is neatly tying its properties into a great single platform (gmail, drive, reader, etc) I can’t use BufferApp to schedule posts to G+, nor can I use IFTTT.

I don’t see this as a long-term problem. I think it is a case where the product user base grew so fast and a writable API wasn’t available to allow developers to add functionality to existing services.

In BufferApp’s forum I found the request for posting to G+ made as early as early as July of 2011. Co-founder Leo Widrich posted in February of 2012, “Great stuff with G+. It is high up on our list and we are just waiting for Google release their write API for us. We have already gone ahead and built this out partly, hope Google+ gets onto this soon! :)”

The request got over 1,100 votes and 50+ comments from users.

On HootSuite, I can add a G+ Page, but apparently not my personal stream (maybe I’m doing something wrong)?

If Google wants to see its social service explode, it must make it more user friendly for developers and 3rd party services.

What are your thoughts on G+?



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