I came across Appsfire and had a chance to play with it a bit this morning.

I downloaded it, because there are new apps constantly being deployed and I thought it would be a good way to find great new ones.

When you open Appsfire you are asked to connect with Facebook and invite friends to Appsfire. I’m not real big on doing that, so I skipped inviting anyone.

My Apps shows me which I’ve already downloaded including most recently added, used, and which are in need of updating.

Tasks shows me which apps are currently running on my phone along with the option to Kill selected apps.

Discover shows you several approaches to app discovery, including Featured, VIPs, Movers & Shakers and many more. Select which topics and then simply click on an app icon and get a description of what the app does. The featured apps included several I had known about along with many more I had not. I found they were a bit random in terms of category, but that is not altogether bad. It would be nice if in the setting you could select categories of interest.

USA, sorts apps and includes apps for specific cities.

All in all, a good concept, but in my first half hour of perusing, didn’t find anything new to download. Will revisit this app a few times and see what it turns up.



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