On Networking as a Business Professional

I came across a post on TrapIt today regarding, “Why LinkedIn Isn’t Finding You a Job” by Mike Moran.

In the post he speaks to the large number of people who haven’t prepared their network for a time of need (unemployment) and then reach out asking for help without also offering assistance.

If there was one thing I learned during the time I was unemployed/underemployed is that you can’t stop building and developing your network.

Now that I am employed, I’m not actively seeking employment, but I am trying to be a better networker while at the same time doing a better job of articulating and sharing my skills and interests (via this blog, Twitter, G+, etc).

I also make a point of offering assistance to those who are going through employment upheaval (realignments, layoffs, etc). The simplest way to help is to make a connection on LinkedIn (if you don’t already have one) and tell the person to look through your contacts and see if there are any individuals working in positions or at companies they are interested in. If so, you can make an introduction.

I do think a lot of people get caught off guard and I think many people are reluctant to ask for help. As Martin notes, how you ask is important, but for me what is more important is that the person pays it back down the road when they are in a position to help someone else out.

What are your thoughts? Have you helped someone in their job search through LinkedIn? Did it help?


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