How Many Friends Do You Have?

Since social networks have taken off, there has been a lot written about the number of friends one can realistically have.

Paul Adams put together this incredible slidedeck speaking to the tiers of friendships and identified 150 people in a weak tie zone as a maximum. This is consistent throughout time.

Ironically, when I got my Android phone I wasn’t thinking when I agreed to synch to Gmail contacts and thousands of email addresses were added to my phone contacts.

I decided to clean up those contacts and start over.

In cleaning the list I truly reduced the contacts to people I might want/need  to call. People that I message with through Facebook and Twitter, even if I knew them personally were dropped unless I really considered them a friend or friend of the family that might require me to call them.

The same was true with those on LinkedIn. For the most part, my contacts in LinkedIn are co-workers, former co-workers, and industry professionals. I use this service as a Rolodex, so with a few exceptions, I also dropped individuals I had in LinkedIn.

On Twitter I now have 298 followers, Facebook 584 friends, and LinkedIn 433 contacts.

When I was done cleaning up my address book, and I’m sure I missed some I wanted to include (like the garage I take my car to), amazingly I had 148 contacts in my address book.

Do you know who your 150 ‘real’ weak link friends are?


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