Slice and Dice Your Twitter Followers with Slices

Not too long ago I came across the Slices app by OneLouder and this week I got an email from them that the Web portal Beta is now open to the public.

OneLouder describes Slices like this:

Slices is the world’s first Twitter experience that lets you browse a Twitter directory by category, easily follow live events, slice your timeline into manageable streams, bookmark favorite accounts, and synchronize with the web.

My Twitter approach continues to evolve. For a while, I only followed those of interest. Now, I put those of interest on Lists and follow them by topic, while I happily follow-back anyone (provided they look to be real people or companies). I use ManageFlitter to monitor who adds me, waits for me to follow them back, and then drop me.

One problem with this approach is that your Twitter stream becomes unmanageable.

Slices allows you to organize the people you follow into a topical slice.

On the app you click in the top left and select “Manage Slices”.

You then put followers into existing slices or create new ones. Unfortunately, the Web Beta does not yet have this functionality so you have to use your phone.

For me this looks like a good way to organize the people I follow, while being able to see posts from those that wouldn’t likely follow me back in Lists. This helps keep my followers to following ratio in good balance.

Am looking forward to seeing how this app works out moving forward, but definitely a promising start for the little I’ve used it to date.


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