The Twitter Quandary

I’ve had several posts on how I use Twitter, changed using Twitter, etc. and now I’m in a quandary.

What value is Twitter to me if my tweets can’t extend beyond Twitter?

To me, Twitter is primarily a broadcast and publication channel. An individual can follow me and I’ll mostly provide links to content that I feel stands out in the area of marketing technology. When I do post here, I send those links, and nights and weekends you’ll find lighter content, but typically related to science, nature and technology. When I use Plinky (writing prompt of the day service) I share those.

What I genuinely liked about Twitter was the ability to additionally publish my Tweets to my LinkedIn profile, because they were career related and would be of interest to most of my contacts, and the ability to archive my Tweets on Evernote so I could quickly search for a link to content I might need to access at a later date.

My basic formula was gather content from Google Reader or TrapIt queue it up in Buffer, send to Twitter, trigger on IFTTT, deliver to LinkedIn and Evernote.

Sounds like a lot of work, but most of it was automated.

I was able to archive and deliver the content both to my business contacts and my Twitter followers. Now Twitter has decided to enforce its TOS and IFTTT has removed recipes forwarding Tweets.

Do I look into alternatives? Maybe set up LinkedIn as option 1 and send from their to Twitter and Evernote? Might work, but is it worth the time and energy?

Or do I acknowledge that the value of Twitter for me wasn’t in the Followers as much as it was in the function?

Going to need to noodle on this one for a bit, your thoughts?


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